Who am I to write a blog?

I’ve wrestled with this for a while now. Does the world really need another blog? Probably not. Does the world really need to hear from me? Yes! Does the world really care about what I have to say? They should. Are two of my three previous answers to be taken lightly? Absolutely! There is a good chance you’ve answered my questions with; “No. Not at all. I highly doubt it”, but either way, here I am writing.

So why am I writing? First reason, is I really do enjoy it. I can’t say I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I do enjoy the creativity behind it. Another reason for me writing is something that I have learned/discovered/enjoyed, over the past year, and that is stories. I’ve always loved telling stories. Storytelling for me has become a real passion of mine, and it’s also my career, in the form of a public speaker. I like to think I’m good at it, but of course you may have heard me before, and your opinion of me as a storyteller is different then my own, and that is completely ok with me, but I still like to think I’m good at it. I enjoy every opportunity to make people laugh, to inspire people, help bring change to a situation, and the list goes on. If any of that takes place through a blog, perfect, but if it doesn’t, I’m ok with that too, cause in the end, I enjoy writing.

So for my first official post, allow me to introduce myself in a very simple way.

Name: Adam. I also go by Gilly to my friends, and “Hey” from strangers

Where I am from: I live in Ottawa, and have for the past 10 years, but I grew up in the greatest place. The J3V! That’s St-Bruno, on the South Shore of Montreal. I Love where I’m from!

What I do for a living: It’s a few different things actually. For 11 years, I was a Pastor to High School students. Now, I travel and speak. I speak in schools, in churches, at camps, conferences. I also work with an incredible organization called “Their Opportunity”. They are a charity that helps communities by assisting kids to get into sports or recreational activities, who might not have that opportunity the way others do. Not only that, they have an incredible give back program for kids who they help. Each kid supported, is required to volunteer in their community. It’s awesome!

Family: I am married and have 4 kids. Yes you read that correctly, 4 kids. 3 girls and a boy. Its crazy, but we survive, i think.

Fear: Sharks is my usual go to fear. I mean, why wouldn’t you be afraid of sharks. If I’m really honest though, the fear of failure scares me. To fail as a communicator. Fail as a dad. As a husband. As a Christian. As a friend, it all scares me. I know I am not perfect, even though my mirror tries to tell me otherwise, but I know there are plenty of flaws with me, and I’m sure if left to public input we could have a very large list, but that fear does not hinder me from doing or trying. What that fear does, is it motivates me to be better.

My Goal with this blog: To share my story, and the stories of others. I honestly believe that the stories of struggle and victory, can help inspire others, encourage others, motivate others. If that happens with this, then great, if not, at least I had a chance to write.