The middle child of three kids, Gilly enjoyed being the centre of attention. Being loud, telling stories and using humour were all tools to help him be noticed. It was the being loud that forced to him to see a speech therapist as a kid, to help speak at a level that would constantly cause a loss of voice.

In 2014, while driving by an elementary school in his neighbourhood , Gilly was shocked to discover that a 10 year old boy had taken his life at the back of the school yard. In disbelief, and filled with sadness, Gilly knew that there was more; more life to live, more hope to hold on to and more stories to be told.

So, after 10+ years of leading a successful high school ministry in a church, Gilly has now found his voice as communicator. With a passion to see people thrive and excel in what they were born to do, Gilly speaks a message of hope, and encourages others to share their story as a means to both bring healing to self, and help to others.