About Adam

Adam is a gifted and dynamic communicator whose passion and sense of humour help him clearly communicate truth with clarity and simplicity. Comfortable connecting with both Youth and Adult Audiences alike, Adam is a must have to share at your event.                                                                                      

Adam, his wife Rachel and their three daughters, have been based in Ottawa for the past 9 years, and during those 9 years, Adam's passion has been for young and old to be equipped to succeed in the life they've been given.

After leaving his full time job, Adam now travels full time speaking in high schools, churches, youth conferences and more, with a message that will surely make you laugh, give you hope, and challenge you.



Adam has been a regular speaker at our high school over the past years. He is comfortable in front of a crowd of teenagers, who appreciate his style that combines storytelling with his unique, quirky humour. Adam has them rolling on the floor one minute, then contemplating important truths the next.

Dan Kaiser

Redeemer High School Ottawa


We have had Adam speak at a number of our District Youth and Jr.High Events in Saskatchewan. Adam has a wonderful way of connecting with students using his sense of humour and his outgoing personality. His passion for this generation is inspirational. Adam will always be welcomed back in Saskatchewan!

Matt bombay

Elim Saskatoon


Adam was such a captivating speaker, he was able to grab the attention of every young person in the room. His hilarious and exciting stories left everyone wanting to hear more. Through each talk, he challenged how we thought and acted.

Julia brenton

Grade 11 Student- Newfoundland


I enjoyed the passion Adam has when he speaks, it is genuine. His stories were great, but I think the biggest thing I appreciated was what Adam was like when he wasn't speaking to students. I've never seen a speaker hangout with people away from the stage.

Isaiah Simms 

Port De Grave, Newfoundland